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I have not historically used consultants, as the value of the time associated with bringing them up to speed with our business exceeds the value they provide us in return. Rosa's broad work experience allowed her to be self-sufficient in working her way through our challenges and she provided us with clear, insightful solutions.


Rosa reviewed our business processes, identified areas for improvement, and then worked with staff to implement the changes. The recommendations made were not generic, but very specific to our business and issues. The changes made were concrete, and the results from the changes can be easily measured.


I am glad I moved forward with the project and would recommend Rosa to any organisation.


Business Process Improvements 


Gilles Lebeau

Vice-President, Milman Industries Inc.


Working Capital Efficiency – Released $1 Billion in cash


Gert Skold

CFO, Eltel Networks

(Previously CFO, Sandvik Mining & Construction)

I have worked with Rosa during a period of almost ten years in different positions. She has been a business controller, managed M&A, led crash teams to fix urgent financial turnarounds and led the task to turn working capital management from an ad hoc activity to a stable business process.


“Over and above” is very much what Rosa is in all situations. She is fast in her analysis, structured in her planning and persistent in her implementation. 


During the Global Financial crisis that hit the business in 2008/2009, Rosa led a global team to rapidly decrease the working capital in the business in order to manage the funding issues that hit most industrial companies. Over a period of twelve months, Rosa identified the key levers and ensured that we executed on them, across the organisation, and by that releasing almost $1 billion in cash from working capital and thus safeguarding the future business. 


Following this project task, Rosa joined the CFO office as head of global working capital management to ensure that systems and processes were established so that a similar problem as 2009 would never occur again. Over the next year Rosa and her small team developed a set of best practices for working capital management targeting the end to end process from tender to final cash collection. She then managed the implementation of the new working capital management framework across our global organization. 


This effort ensured that the 2009 one-off improvements were internalized and made permanent as the business continued to operate at a much lower level of working capital (on average 10% lower than before the initiative).

Established Global Anti-Bribery & Compliance Team


Christopher Wright

Head of Compliance, Sandvik

Most recently, Rosa reported directly to me as she led Sandvik’s global compliance operations. This was a role she took on during a period in which Sandvik ramped up the tempo of its compliance activities in response to changes in regulatory environment and the company’s assessment of risk. Working under arduous conditions, with a team dispersed around the globe and a cascade of tight deadlines, Rosa built and fostered a team of dedicated, professional compliance officers. Her efforts over this time were exemplary.

Developed & Implemented a Training Program for North American Technicians


Russ Koski

Customer Services Manager, Sandvik Mining

Dave Kennedy

Technical Specialist, Electrical, Sandvik Mining

Rosa has led a great variety of initiatives. One of which was to develop a competency training program for our field service technicians at Sandvik. Our 3 main objectives were to: (i) establish an improved and consistent competency level for all of our field service technicians across North America (ii) create clear career progression routes, improving employee retention (iii) enhance our customer confidence in the service product that we offered. 


By researching adult education and training methodology, and soliciting input from us (the internal subject matter experts in Electrical and Hydraulics) , she established a program that is still used today at Sandvik. We are very pleased with the results of her work and would highly recommend her to any large or small business looking to develop training programs for their personnel.

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