My Offering

Visible, Tangible Results

Profitable growth comes from making deliberate choices. For companies serving the mining, construction, and manufacturing industries, I offer razor sharp analysis to help you make those choices, and then help you implement actions to realize the benefits. 



If you are experiencing rampant growth which has outpaced your organization, profits that don’t translate into cash, or stagnate growth, I can analyze alternatives and implement selected options that can grow sales, improve margins, and increase capital efficiency. This will put your resources where they generate the most return. 



I have over 25 years of hands on operational experience in the industry, having implemented and been accountable for the results from the inside. I understand the industry and your unique customer and business requirements. I have worked with and led diverse teams of people, from all levels of an organization including management, sales, finance, customers, and owners.

Are You Struggling With...
  • Too much money tied up in working capital resulting in unnecessary interest costs or reduced ability to expand.

  • Growth in staffing that is making it difficult to manage people and responsibilities. 

  • Intense price competition that is continually squeezing margins.

  • Currently selling solely through direct sales force, and wonder if there is value in selling through dealers, or have dealers who aren’t performing satisfactorily.

  • Evaluating acquisition options for expansion.

  • Combining an acquired company with existing operations.

  • Hiring and retaining good people.

  • Increasing sales that  have reached a plateau.

  • The need for more formal management reporting, measurement systems, and internal controls as you continue to grow beyond current systems.

I Can Help With That.